Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello, world!

So, I was going to start this blog a few weeks ago. And I promise I've been working on it. But something about life as a mom ... and a computer malfunction (an ironic story for another day) ... and lots of crazy things happening at our apartment ... all got in the way of me finishing up the formatting the way I'd like it to be.

And then I saw this comic strip posted to ThinkGeek's timelinee on that ubiquitous social media stream everyone seems to rely on:
I, in turn, shared it on my former English teacher's timeline. I said something rather sarcastic (and funny! I promise it was funny!) about not knowing anything about any of these kinds of procrastinators. Never mind that I was am a procrastinator by nature ... (*cough* sarcasm! *cough*)

Tonight, we launch. 

No, the blog isn't formatted the way I want it. 

No, I don't have the first month's worth of content planned-ish (at least in my head) so that I know what I'm writing about while I get into a groove. 

No, it's not perfect. 


But then this conversation happened tonight:

[Mr. Dude and I were relaxing for a few minutes while Little Guy was napping before we headed out for some errands at the end of the day. He is at his computer in the second bedroom and I am reviewing emails, etc, at my own laptop in the living room. I wander in to see what he's up to.] 
Me [hearing the voice of GLaDOS]: You playing Portal? 
Mr. Dude: Yes. They had a guest appearance. 
Me [actually seeing the screen]: That's not Portal. That's Defense Grid. 
Mr. Dude: Oh, they had her voice appear. And there are the Portal Guns and those are Companion Cubes in the center. 
Me: So the same company makes Portal and Defense Grid? 
Mr. Dude: No. Different companies. 

Me: Isn't that like mixing franchises? Sounds like Star Trek invades Star Wars. Or vice versa. 
Mr. Dude: No, they just really like Valve Software, so they partnered with them to make an add-on pack for the game. Pretty cool, huh? 
Me: Oh, so it's like Star Trek and Star Wars mixing and everyone being okay with it.
Mr. Dude: Exactly.  
Three things: 
  1. Why on earth do I know a video game by the voice talent or what I see on the screen? 
  2. How the heck did I get married to such a nerd
  3. I needed to write that conversation down. Pronto. 
(Bonus Point: Conversations like this happen all. the. time.)

And that's why this blog exists. 

Because sometimes you just have to write this stuff down, otherwise no one will believe you when you try to tell them how funny it is. 

And because sometimes, you need to distinguish between when you're actually being a nerd and when you're just married to a nerd. (Ahem. This is where you visit the so-called "About Me" page.) 

And because I like to write, dagnabit.

Procrastination has ended. The blog has begun.

So follow along for more crazy and funny stories of life at Casa de Nerds. You know you're nosy enough. 

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