Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mario and Minestrone

You know you're a foodie when ...
it's 10:30 at night and you're waiting for your homemade Italian minestrone to finish simmering so you can taste it and then go to sleep. 

Apparently I got waaaaaaay too excited about my meal plan for the week yesterday and decided to do a bunch of cooking all at once rather than waiting to cook on the day(s) when we're supposed to actually eat each item.

So now we have [extra] spicy tomato soup and minestrone awaiting us in the fridge.

Oh yeah, and the last of the potato soup I made this weekend.

And a squash soup I pulled out of the freezer to make room in there for some of the new soup.

Note: Soup season has definitely come to Seattle. 
And with it comes "video game season".

"But, Stephanie," you say. "Mr. Dude is a video gamer. Isn't it always video game season?"

Yes. Sort of. It's more like the "I won't complain [as much] if Mr. Dude wants to play for more than an hour at a time because the weather is bad and we're all inside anyways" season. I may choose to read a book and drink tea. He can play games if he wants.

Unfortunately for him [and me], he's also usually trying to get me to play.

Um. I don't play video games.

I mean, I can play a random game of Mario Kart, as in - I'm not usually paying enough attention to the controls to actually make it look like I'm doing any of the maneuvers on purpose. But that's only when we've got a bunch of people over who all want to play and I am literally the only person who wouldn't be playing otherwise. If I finish above 4th place on any of the 10 rounds I subject myself to, it's by sheer luck.

But that doesn't stop Mr. Dude from trying. Oh no. It would take a LOT more than that.

And to be honest, I think it's rather funny to see the all the things he comes up with to attempt to convince me that I, too, could be a gamer someday.

Hence, I received an IM from him during his lunch break today with just a link to this picture:

Original Caption: "My Mom helping me through a hard level in Super Mario Land on the day Nintendo Gameboy was released." Source:
My response?

"Well isn't that cute. At Casa de Nerds, that will probably be dad helping the munchkins through Mario while mom teaches them how to get flour all over the kitchen. :)"

Math According to Stephanie: Cooking and Baking Yummy Things > Beating Mario on the Original Nintendo

True story. Just ask Mr. Dude's taste buds.

Doesn't mean he won't keep trying, though ...

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