Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Talk Nerdy to Me, Lover"

[Props to the hilarious eponymous FB page, by the way.]

While at Cousin Julie's house this week, Mr. Dude was sorting through all kinds of wires, cords, batteries, etc, to help her set up the Wii, a cool sound bar for her TV, and her internet connection. I'm taking care of Little Guy (who is kind of fussing since he hasn't had a good nap since the morning) and oohing and aahing over the amazing home improvement stuff she's done.

Mr. Dude, as usual, is giving commentary on what he's doing - stuff about how the sound bar could be positioned over the tv or under the tv, here's an interesting factoid about some component on the desktop you have in there, you could hide the cables from the desktop computer over here, and did you know that the Wii has HDMI cables available so you can get the full high def signal from it? Yeah, you should order one from Amazon, Julie. 

Most of the time I manage to tune it out. Or at least smile and nod.

[Guys, it's not just your move. We gals do it, too. In my defense, I actually know what he's talking about 90% of the time. I just am not always interested. But I rarely tell him to stop talking about tech stuff. Yes, I love him that much.]

But one item made my ears perk up: The modem and wireless router were in the second bedroom/sewing room. The Blu-Ray player was out in the living room. If Julie wanted it to connect to things like Amazon Prime and Netflix, she'd have to run an ethernet cord all along the baseboards. 

That was promptly vetoed. Julie hates visual cables almost as much as Mr. Dude does. 

Me: Mr. Dude, couldn't you just set up a wireless repeater in here and connect the Blu-Ray player to it so you wouldn't have to run the cables in here?
Mr. Dude: Yeah, I could. That's a good idea! I'll look and see what she has. Maybe the internet company left one - they had an extra device in there that I hadn't looked at yet.
Julie: What did you just tell him? You actually understand all that, Stephanie? You go, girl!
Me: Yeah. Sometimes I talk "nerdy" to him. [insert rim shot here]

Some days, I shake my head and sigh at the #geekspeak things I say ... 

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